The artistic duo behind STATIC have been very busy as of late, they’ve just had an exhibition at London’s prestigious Playboy Club and in recent months have also teamed up with the video game Call of Duty to create a custom jacket and bespoke artwork. Despite working in these exciting and diverse spheres STATIC haven’t forgotten their roots as streets artists and have been making work visible for all to see.

They have just completed a 3D and mixed media mural in Walthamstow, London as part of The Wood Street Walls community art initiative; a project that is seeking to regenerate a disused building in the area into dedicated studio space. The plan is to help grow the creative community by providing affordable artist space in the borough which currently only has 70 studios, lagging far behind neighbouring Hackney’s 1124. STATIC took inspiration for the new wall piece from their previous KIWIDINOK series of originals that are precisely constructed from spray painted layers of glass and incorporate over 1000 real feathers.

For the mural Tom and Craig of STATIC hand cut feathers out of wood, which were sprayed vibrant colours, they also painstakingly recut a halftone stencil that was used for the female face after the original was damaged. The mural signifies the launch of the crowd-funding website to raise money for the community project. STATIC currently have two fantastic original pieces on show in Mix, our sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery’s winter group show.