Tom and Craig who are the creative force behind STATIC have been working on an exciting, top-secret project with the video game developers Activision Blizzard. To accompany the release of one of the biggest games in history, ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’, the duo were commissioned to create a piece of original artwork that reflected the game and a pattern to be used on the fabric of a custom made jacket.

The original canvas, which will be auctioned off for charity, includes a camouflage world map with their iconic ‘Chinook Chandelier’ stencilled on top. They duo have brilliantly captured the militaristic nature of Call of Duty in their signature stencilled and layered aesthetic.

The Call of Duty franchise is well known for pushing the boundaries in the field of computer gaming, often merging elements of art, film and advanced design into the games. This crossover is evident from their collaborative work with STATIC and the fact that Hollywood star, Kevin Spacey, even plays an evil character in the new game. Be sure to check out this boneshakingly brilliant video of what STATIC have been up to.