Are you on the hunt for some new inspiring talent to add to your art collection? Here at artrepublic we are dedicated to promoting the work of young artists and helping their careers soar to new heights. There’s nothing like supporting up and coming talent, so here are five talented artists that are on the rise.

Hope Cement Works by Oli Mumby

Oli Mumby

Oli Mumby’s stunning prints reimagine traditional landscapes, working in collage with paper cut outs to create layered designs. From tranquil scenes of lakes and forests to industrial city scenes, Oli’s intricate works find curiosity in everyday scenes. The artist is constantly questioning the importance of finding the beauty in overlooked scenes of nature, asking questions such as “how often do we look at filling stations, industrial buildings or road markings and see something more interesting?” Oli is dedicated to pulling out the detail within everyday, with the clean cuts and layered effect of his artwork inviting the viewer to lean in and explore more in each composition. Oli's prints celebrate the every day and are a great addition to any art collection.


Indonesia by Guy Gee

Guy Gee

Guy Gee’s charming compositions of postage stamps from around the globe are a true celebration of all cultures and places. With each stamp telling its own story, Guy’s prints make the perfect gift for a seasoned traveller, especially when given to remember a special trip or adventure. The London-based artist takes an experimental approach, merging boundaries between design and contemporary art.

Invented in 1840, the stamp is now emblematic of the importance of global communication. Guy scours through thousands of stamps in order to find the right design to add to his growing collection of prints. Each stamp is enlarged and digitally altered by the artist, creating a revitalised and contemporary take on the original hand-engraved stamp that are then printed and hand finished by Guy himself. The elegance and intricacy of Guy’s compositions are a testament to his love of and dedication to his craft.

Paprika Tins - A Couple of Hotties by Charlotte Farmer

Charlotte Farmer

Charlotte Farmer’s endearing illustrations are sure to have you hooked. Finding the beauty in the detail of everyday objects, Charlotte’s joyful designs will have you enchanted with the characters and that come to life in her work. From matchboxes and paprika tins to tropical birds and grizzly bears, Charlotte’s prints are all about storytelling and the characters within each narrative. The artist has a particular affinity for collections of objects, as they bring together unusual combinations of items that make for perfect storytelling material. If you’re a fan of bold prints, you’re sure to love Charlotte’s colour combinations and affinity for bright pink!


Dengue Fever by Charlie Evaristo-Boyce

Charlie Evaristo-Boyce

Looking for an artist that packs a punch? Look no further than the work of Charlie Evaristo-Boyce. His vintage-esque designs are inspired by his extensive travels. Charlie draws from different cultures, incorporating these influences into his prints. The process of creation is a personal journey for Charlie, as he uses his art to find his voice as a person of mixed heritage. If you too look to art to find purpose and a sense of identity, then Charlie's work is sure to be a great fit for you.

Smiths Crisps Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour by Trash Prints

Trash Prints

Have you ever wondered if the rubbish of everyday life can be transformed into a work of art? Trash Prints’ hyper realistic depictions of empty crisp packets and crumpled fizzy drinks cans are hand-pulled screen prints that inject a sense of importance back into these forgotten objects. Trash Prints are dedicated to glorifying discarded objects, on a mission to “reclaim the treasure found in the trash from all our pasts.” Their intricate prints hold a sense of vintage nostalgia, placing worth back into these forgotten items.

Looking for more amazing work by upcoming artists? We are constantly working with new talent, so keep an eye on our New In collection for updates to our ever-expanding handpicked catalogue of artworks.