Author: Imogen Aldridge

5 Large Prints to Suit Your Home

Whether you’re looking to brighten up a space, add a splash of colour, or make a statement to your guests, perhaps a larger print is the right fit for you. Big works of art make a great accessory to any room, but they aren’t necessarily always overwhelming. A larger print can be the finishing touch that you're looking for, making a room feel more homely and welcoming.

Larger prints can be used to enhance your existing decor or completely transform a room, but one thing is for certain: bigger prints need to be displayed in a space where they can be appreciated fully. Using a large print above the bed or fireplace is an effective way to frame the space, drawing the eye and creating a focal point in the room. Larger prints are also great for entryways. As this part of the house is the first thing people experience as they walk through the door, this sets the design tone for the rest of the house. If you’re looking to make a statement to your guests, this is where you should place a bold work of art.

Here are five of our favourite oversized prints and tips for styling big art in the home.

Larger art can be calming too

It’s a common misconception that art of a certain size is overwhelming, but this stunning print by Emma Reynolds proves that is not the case. This calming London landscape featuring the river Thames is perfect for the bedroom or living room, adding to the relaxed atmosphere of these spaces. The subtle nature of this piece is advantageous when you already have a busy interior, yet you still want to introduce art into your home. The simple colour palette allows for Emma’s landscape to interact with other elements in the room such as a coloured sofa or rug, but the print still has the ability to stand on its own and not cause any clashes. If you’re warmed by Emma’s lovely landscape, check out more of her works here. 

Understated yet full of character

If you’re looking for something subtle but with a spark, why not try this amazing print by Angus Vasili? Angus’ abstract work adds character to a room without overwhelming the space, and these calming blue and green tones are sure to create a comforting atmosphere. The abstract geometric forms are intriguing yet subtle, injecting a sense of personality and playfulness into your interior, while still allowing other elements of your décor to shine. This print is particularly great if you have a neutrally toned room, as it adds a pop of colour without overwhelming the space. If you’re intrigued by Angus’ geometric forms, check out his collection here.

Tape Collection - Large by Heidler & Heeps

For that vintage chic vibe

Are you a music fan? This vibrant print by Heidler & Heeps is the perfect eye-catching addition to a retro music lover’s home. Consisting of 6 neon cassette tapes, this vibrant C-type print is a love letter to the vintage music of the 70s and 80s and a celebration of music overall. This large print would look great in an entertainment space or hallway, where it can make the biggest impression on your guests. This amazing artwork is for sure a conversation starter, and who doesn't love a trip reminiscing down memory lane? Make sure to check out more of Heidler & Heeps’ nostalgia-inducing artworks here.

For those hard-to-fill spaces

If you’ve got a skinny space to fill yet you’re yearning for a larger work of art, why not this piece by Rosie Emerson? At just 35cm wide it's capable of fitting into those snug spaces that you can't quite seem to fill, making it as practical as it is attractive. This delicate charcoal powdered screen print of a beautiful mermaid is definitely hard to resist. Make sure to browse more of Rosie’s work here.

For that touch of glamour

If you’re investing in a large piece of art, why not go big or go home? This stunning artwork with black diamond dust by Ben Allen is the perfect print for you if you’re looking to make a unique statement. The eye-catching print is great for a person who loves a touch of sparkle; if you’re looking for an artwork that can function as the centrepiece of a room then look no further. For more dazzling artworks, check out Ben's collection here.

If you’re still looking for the right larger print for your space, make sure to browse all of our artworks and filter by size, or take a look at our Large and Extra Large custom collections.


Wobbly by Erwin Wurm
Wobbly £7,650
Ivy Mike by Robert Longo
Ivy Mike £14,280

Robert Longo


Limited edition of 15

Forest of Doxa by Robert Longo
Balloon Animals I Matching Set by Jeff Koons
Balloon Animals I Matching Set £45,900

Jeff Koons


Limited edition of 999

Diamond (Blue) by Jeff Koons
"Coca Cola" Glass Vase £4,250

Ai Weiwei


Limited edition of 300

Mel Ferrer's Nightmare (Grey With Flowers) by Pure Evil
Mel Ferrer's Nightmare (Grey With Flowers) £1,500

Pure Evil


Limited edition of AP

The Wild Swim from £120

Oli Mumby

Various sizes

Off You Pop by Louise Nordh
Off You Pop £95

Louise Nordh

35 x 35cm

Limited edition of 30

Moving Forms by Mr Penfold
Moving Forms £165

Mr Penfold

26 x 30cm

Limited edition of 15

Inside Mickey's Heart from £150

Angel London

Various sizes

Navy Boy £175

Charlie Evaristo-Boyce

50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 25

I Will Bite from £135

Mathilda Mai

Various sizes

Italian Summer by SODA
Italian Summer £125


42 x 29.7cm

Limited edition of 40

Let's Get It On £595

Linda Charles

56 x 76cm

Limited edition of 45

Wash the Blues Away by Charlie Haydn Taylor
Wash the Blues Away from £150

Charlie Haydn Taylor

Various sizes

Inhale £175

Joe Webb

50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 30

Roarsome - Green by And Wot
Roarsome - Green £195

And Wot

50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 2

Fresh £200

Hannah Adamaszek

60 x 75.5cm

Limited edition of 15

Destroy the Patriarchy Not the Planet (Mini) £400

Hannah Shillito

27.9 x 21cm

Limited edition of 20

Scratchin' Cats (Blue) £150

The Cameron Twins

33 x 36cm

Limited edition of 20

Fast Dog £95

Gavin Dobson

50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 100

In The Sky With Stars £195

Charlie Evaristo-Boyce

70 x 100cm

Limited edition of 16

Gamebuoy by Nick Chaffe
Gamebuoy £100

Nick Chaffe

29.7 x 42cm

Limited edition of 50

Seascape W £300

Newton Blades

50 x 30cm

Limited edition of 100