Diamond dust is a glittering material that can be applied to paper and ink in the silkscreen printing process to create a textured and luminous finish.

Diamond dust is a professional and versatile material that is sourced from specialist manufacturers. It is available in multiple sizes of grain, from a fine diamond dust which is similar in size to salt or sugar, to big coarse flakes (half a centimetre). It is also available in numerous colours but printers most commonly use clear diamond dust which can be applied on top of coloured ink to create a kaleidoscopic sparkle.

Silkscreen printing is a technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. Prints can be created using multiple layers of stencils, each apply a separate colour. To apply diamond dust to a print, instead of ink being transferred through the stencil archival art glue is applied. Printers have only minutes to work before this glue dries. They must apply the chosen grade of diamond dust to the glued surface and tap off any excess. The diamond dust is an exceptionally hardwearing material, and applied to paper with archival glue it is a surprisingly durable and enduring artistic medium.