The influence of Andy Warhol’s artistic genius is as strong as ever with Swedish vodka brand Absolut recently announcing that they will be launching a limited edition, Andy Warhol inspired bottle in time for the Christmas period.

Almost 30 years since the priest of Pop created original artwork for the brand, the vodka maker has said it plans to release a tribute bottle taking inspiration from his painting. The ‘Make the Holidays Pop’ bottle is black in design with vibrant blue, pink and yellow lettering. Four million of the bottles are to be introduced worldwide with the Andy Warhol Foundation receiving a portion of the profits as royalties.

The original “Absolut Warhol” ad, which ran in the 1980’s, was significant as it began a relationship between the brand and popular artists. In the following decades artists including Keith Haring, Ed Ruscha and Kenny Scharf all supplied artwork, helping Absolut to become America’s best-selling imported spirit and global design icon.

Andy Warhol also made headlines recently when the last of his 610 ‘time capsules’ was opened. 30 years ago the artist consigned 300,000 of his everyday possessions to be sealed in cardboard boxes for future generations to uncover. Postcards, cans of Campbell’s soup and outlandish finds like a mummified pizza and a fossilised slice of birthday cake have all be recovered from the boxes alongside notes and drawings by the artist. Warhol saw the time capsules as a work of art in themselves and as a means of capturing the essence of his life. It looks like Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame shows no sign of ending anytime soon!