We are brimming with excitement about the arrival of ‘Apex Shark’ from internationally renowned artist Dave White. Carrying on from his sensational Aquatic series, White has looked to the most feared sea creature of all in his new collection of paintings, the great white shark.

Dave White Apex Shark 1

Dave White Apex Shark 2

Dave White Apex Shark 3

    The title ‘Apex’ refers to the shark’s position at the top of the food chain and was the title of his recent debut show in Los Angeles. White’s intention is to encourage the viewer to reconnect with these fascinating creatures and highlight their often-overlooked beauty and fragility. In an Interview with the Independent. Dave White said, "I want people to re-engage and look at the incredible beauty of these things... It doesn't matter what it is, if you just take a step back and have a real look at something, you often leave completely blown away."

    ‘Apex Shark’ is a 15 colour silkscreen with varnish, from a signed limited edition of just 50. Each print has been finished with a spectacular diamond dust background. White’s use of energetic and spontaneous brushstrokes perfectly captures the dynamism and power of the shark. Move quickly to avoid missing this incredible piece!