Master of nightmares, Pure Evil, has just been featured in a double page spread in the London Evening Standard. In a major interview with the newspaper, the graffiti maverick discussed his new mission to spray a new piece every day.

In January Pure Evil embarked on 365 Street Art, a project to paint or stencil or paste something up in public every day for a year, whatever the circumstances. “It’s difficult because sometimes there are days when you... Just. Don’t. Want. To do. Anything,” Pure Evil told the paper. He has continued to create new Street Art every day despite having cope with his grief following the death of his father and caring for his 18-month-old daughter Bunny.

“As street art becomes increasingly mainstream and monetised, the 365 project is a return to Uzzell-Edwards’ and the movement’s roots, just putting work out there for better or worse”, writes Nick Curtis in the Evening Standard piece. It’s a great interview with one of our favourite street artists and a must read for any Pure Evil fans!

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