In April world renowned street artist Banksy created a new mural titled ‘Mobile Lovers’. The piece was sprayed on a plank of wood screwed to a wall near the Broad Plain Boys’ Club in Banksy’s home town of Bristol. Now the controversial artwork has appeared on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow!

The Broad Plain Boys’ Club leader Dennis Stinchcombe has been involved in a row with the local council ever since he removed the Banksy artwork from the wall. He had hoped that he would be able to sell the piece and fund the struggling boys club but the city council removed the street art and put it on display. That was until Banksy himself got involved and wrote a letter to the club giving his blessing, “I don’t normally admit to committing criminal damages, but seeing as it looks like charges won’t be brought any time soon you have my blessing to do what you feel is right with the piece. I’m a great admirer of the work done at the club and would be chuffed if this can help in some way.”

Mr Stinchcombe and Banksy’s ‘Mobile Lovers’ have now appeared on the British television show ‘Antiques Roadshow’. Mr Stinchcombe said, 'I am looking to sell the Banksy at the highest price, and I just took it down to get an expert opinion.” Art expert Ruper Maas told him that it is incredibly hard to put a price on the Banksy but selling it for £400,000 would be a “good deal.”

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