Paper cutting pro Eelus has always been a big fan John Carpenter’s 1982 American sci-fi film ‘The Thing’. Recently he got round to reading the John W. Campell novella that inspired the film, ‘Who Goes There’. The wonderfully freaky story has now inspired his latest limited edition release...

The tale is of a three eyed alien being found buried in Antarctica. In 1972 it was voted by the ‘Science Fiction Writers of America’ as one of the finest science fiction novellas ever written. Eelus’ homage to the work originated as a 3D paper collage, created for his ‘Horrorshow’ exhibition at our sister gallery Ink_d. Now he has translated the piece into a fantastic limited edition silkscreen on Naturalis Absolute Smooth 330gsm paper.

‘The Warmest Place to Hide’ has been painted to capture the shadows and depth of the original 3D feel. Eelus even mixed in some metallic silver inks into the background blues to give a subtle nod to the icy landscapes of the original story. “It’s an honest release that I’m really proud of and has a simple graphic styling that I’m looking to explore more in the future,” said Eelus.