We are delighted to have a brand new, extra special, Peter Blake limited edition available at artrepublic. You may have spotted '75 Years of The Beano’ in The Sunday Times last weekend and the Daily Telegraph today. The spectacular silkscreen print has been created in collaboration with ‘The Beano’ to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the iconic British comic.

Peter Blake’s print focuses on the ‘Bash Street Kids’ comic strip, which was devised by Beano editor George Moonie in 1954. The image recreates an imaginary view from Moonie’s Beano office in Dundee, Scotland. The backdrop is the imposing Dundee High School, but the school children have been appropriately replaced by a collage of cut-out mischievous comic strip characters. All of the major Beano characters appear in the work, including Dennis the Menace, Gnasher, Billy Wizz, Lord Snooty and Minnie the Minx.

This fantastic print typifies the exuberance and fun of Blake’s Pop Art, illustrating some of his key themes such as childhood, nostalgia and popular ephemera. The irreverent themes and flouting of authority explored in ‘The Beano’ wonderfully echo some of the key tenets of Pop Art; flouting the rules of the fine art establishment. We really couldn’t think of a more perfect artistic partnership to celebrate 75 years of this comic book institution!