Jeff Staple Featuring Dave White

The Staple Spring 2014 Collection is ushering in a new collaboration with our very own Dave White! Renowned for his collaboration with the Jordan Brand, artist Dave White has now lent his dynamic imagery to this major fashion collaboration....

Jeff Ng, also known as jeffstaple, founded Staple Design, an illustrious visual communication agency based in New York City. Staple has created design work for Nike, HBO, Levi’s, New Balance, Puma and may other classic brands, and branched into its own clothing brand. Jeffstaple is known for working with the big names in design and his latest creative collaboration is with our favourite contemporary painter, Dave White.

Jeff invited Dave White from his Dorset, UK, base, to visit the Staple New York City showroom to go over samples, talk creative process and generally catch up. Check out this amazing short film of the visit, in which you can see how Dave’s reinterpretation of Staple’s iconic pigeon has been transformed into a super cool clothing collection featuring his characteristic brush-marks blown up into an almost “abstract camo” pattern. Dave says he’s “kinda blown away” by the collection and so are we!

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