Britain’s most celebrated living artist David Hockney is pioneering in the art world again, unveiling a new collection of works drawn on his iPad. Hockney’s major new exhibition at the deYoung museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco features about 150 iPad images, including 12-foot high views of Yosemite National Park.

Hockney creates his digital drawings with an app called Brushes, built by former Apple software engineer Steve Sprang. The deYoung museum seems appropriately located for the innovative art exhibition, being a short trip for Silicon Valley designers who created both the hardware and software for Hockney’s reinvention of finger-painting.

Some of the iPad drawings are displayed on digital screens, others, like the Yosemiite works, have been printed on six large panels. Viewers will be able to see some works as they were drawn in an overlaid animation loop. “It’s a very new medium,” said Hockney who started drawing on his iPhone with his thumb about five years ago.