Carne Griffiths auctioned off a unique piece from his latest body of work this week in a bid to help raise money for the children’s charity Kid’s Company, through the auction ‘Art For Hearts Sake’.

The piece in question is titled ‘Margarita’, painted in his signature tea and ink, and, after he was personally asked to become part of the special Art For Hearts Sake auction alongside other artrepublic favourite David Spiller, he donated the work where all proceeds will go to the charity Kids Company.

Art For Heart’s Sake is a social enterprise that seeks to raise awareness and encourage charitable donation through creative engagement. It asks artists and creatives to either specially make or donate works or items, which are then auctioned-off to raise money.

Carne graduated from Maidstone college of Art in 1992. After graduating in 1995 he was made a fellow of the college alongside friend and fellow artist Dan Baldwin, whom he later went on to curate the Shynola exhibition at Islington's Candid Arts Gallery in 1996.

Carne’s drawings revisit and most notably reflect his influences of artist's Andre Masson, Paul Klee and Leonardo Da Vinci and chiefly explore the freedom of the drawn line. There is a desire in his work to return to nature and the simpler things in life, yet within the flowing lines of foliage the chaos of everyday life pervades.

Look out for the forthcoming 6-page feature on Carne in the new edition of DPI magazine.