In what is being billed as his first full-scale installation in 30 years, one of the pioneers and world-renowned artists of punk art has an exhibition in London.

Jamie Reid is world renowned for his work with the Sex Pistols, but there is so much more to him as a person and as an artist than this. Reid’s collaboration on the Suburban Press (1971-1975) was an early coalescing of his political convictions and artistic intuition. His output after the implosion of the Sex Pistols extended his artistic drive through many genres - music, publishing and performance.

After a long creative residency at the Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch and three years as visual art director for Afro Celt Sound System, he has, for the last ten years, immersed himself in a daily painting practice to explore and reveal the Aspects of the Eightfold Year (

The exhibition, titled ‘Ragged Kingdom’, will manifest as a peace camp in our midst - a place to pow-wow. Eight custom-made tipi’s with magical adornments will be drawn up into a protective circle with a ritual space at its axis.

Tipi’s traditionally represent shelter, wonderment, harmony, peace, beauty and community. For Ragged Kingdom, each tipi will be a world in itself, internally representing eight aspects of Jamie Reid’s career to date – Suburban Press, The Cat Book, Sex Pistols, How To Become Invisible, Afrocelt/Visual Stress, Strongroom, a Festival of Sleeves and the Eightfold Year.

The exterior of the exhibition, held at the Londonewcastle Depot in Islington will feature a giant montage of selected posters, glyphs and symbols produced by Jamie Reid.

The exhibition will run for the whole of July.