Kozyndan are an awe-inspiring and undeniably cute husband-and-wife artistic duo. This week they have released two amazing panoramic prints inspired by their recent trip to Australia. These labour of loves mark the incredible adventure this couple have shared, personally, artistically and geographically…
A panoramic image of their college apartment was the first work that Kozy and Dan ever collaborated on, back in 2001. They have been, on and off, creating them ever since, expanding from their apartment, to the city around them and the wider world, as their careers progressed. Pulling out their collection, Dan explained how “Each stirs in us memories – they are bookmarks in our life together as a couple and as collaborating artists, and documents (for us at least) the changes in attitudes and hopes and our world view.”

‘Bathers Friday in the CBD – Sydney’ depicts Kozyndan’s imaginings of Sydney submerged in water with the locals taking advantage of the rising ocean levels to have a refreshing lunch time swim. It reflects the couple’s obsession with the ocean, “if only kozy and I had gills and could stay underwater forever!”

‘A Visit by the Visionaries to Victoria – Melbourne’ is a portrait of Melbourne taken over by psychedelic alien visionaries, and features a giant bunny. We love Kozyndan.