With two fantastic new prints just released and a solo show opening in London this week we thought we would take a closer look at this eye catching contemporary pop artist.

Dave Whites latest limited edition’s are inspired by American heritage and the spirit of the Wild West which has also inspired the work for his latest exhibition.

Sure Shot is a beautiful combination of silkscreen giclee printing methods with a UV varnish on top. Numbers 1 -10 of this signed limited edition of 50 have also been hand finished by the artist bringing out the thick, animated brush strokes which define Dave White’s style.

Warrior is a smaller scale and more affordable giclee limited edition on Aquarelle Water Colour Paper signed and numbered by the artist. Here Dave White’s style brings the image of the Native American warrior to life capturing a feeling of both movement and the turmoil of battle. Also the running paint down the image could be seen as symbolising the transience of the image and the vanishing world of the warrior.

'Americana' is Dave Whites 18th solo exhibition and can be seen at The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, from 11th - 30th April.

Exploring iconic imagery of the Western Frontier, this exhibition highlights White’s ability to capture dynamic scenes with his distinctive impasto style, while presenting a pioneering approach to documenting the legacy of this era.

The golden age of the Western movie era is encapsulated in Dave White’s series of Technicolour oil paintings. High energy scenes, dramatic tension and sweeping Western backdrops could be said to be White’s innovative interpretation of the classic film still. The cultural inspiration of this period is evident in the apocalyptic themes of battles and stand offs. The turbulence and explosive movements are animated and presented through chaotic brushstrokes and the continuous energy of an artist dedicated to his own battle with the canvas.