Copyright’s latest limited editions are hot off the press! Don’t miss ‘Queen of Broken Hearts’ a two colour screenprint which is available in three regal colour-ways. Each signed print is from an edition of just 33.

The striking work depicts Copyright’s take on the Queen of Hearts playing card, complete with his trademark roses and monochrome beauty. It is an inventive street art interpretation of the familiar English playing card, which legend states is a representation of Elizabeth of York, queen consort of Henry VI. Like a playing card, there is no top or bottom to this print. It is signed and numbered at both ends so can be hung either way up.


‘Queen of Broken Hearts’ seems to explore the powerful, sometimes destructive force of a beautiful matriarch. It may refer to the Queen of Hearts, the foul-tempered monarch in Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, who settles difficulties with a quick death sentence, “Off with her head!” The work is the latest piece in Copyright’s ongoing examination of female roles, such as ‘Mother’ and ‘American Princess III’.