A piece of art shocked commuters in the capital yesterday as graphic artist, Patrick Thomas, debuted his latest provocative piece, ‘Moo’, to the public, making more than a subtle nod to the current horse-meat scandal.

The Berlin-based artist, known for creating powerful messages through the use of iconic images, previewed ‘Moo’ at Leicester Square where the artwork was aired across the tube station throughout the day.

The piece attracted plenty of attention with many commuters posing next to the displays and tweeting their amusement. However, some remained oblivious as they tucked into their burgers and strolled past the art with their weekly shopping.

Patrick Thomas, who created the piece said “It is the job of an artist to be witness to his time in history and art should have a social function and be an intrinsic part of everyday life. Art can be a powerful weapon and although this print is intentionally humorous; in the context of the horsemeat scandal currently dominating the UK press - it conceals a darker message.”

The ‘Moo’ image is available as a silkscreen print in a singed limited edition of 100 and you can buy it now.