A new charity exhibition raising money for the homeless has opened in East London featuring a whole host of artrepublic’s best loved and most sought after artists, not to mention some fantastic examples of their creativity.

The exhibition features work by over 30 street, graffiti and fine artists. Over the last few months each participating artist received a blank fibreglass ‘boy soldier’ to decorate. The exhibition showcases a wall-panel version of Schoony’s (Boy Soldiers creator) debut fibreglass statue presented at Mutate Britain’s “One Foot in the Grove” last year.

The image features a young boy holding a grenade in one hand and the grenade’s pin in the other and reveals a breathtaking detail close to microscopic perfection.

Schoony says “30 of these Boy Soldiers in pure white have gone out to the UK’s top artists of the current UK and European art scene to be customised by them. The effect of 30 different versions of the same piece all in the same room will be spectacular.”

The show will raise money for SHP (“preventing homelessness promoting social inclusion” www.shp.org.uk), a charity for London’s homeless people with close links to the city’s urban art movement.

Artists whose work is featured in the exhibition include: Goldie - D*Face - Dan Baldwin - Matt Small - Mau Mau - Inkie - Joe Rush - David Bray - Dotmasters - BEST EVER - INSA - K-GUY - Carrie Reichardt - Nick Reynolds -John Nolan - Haruka Irie Fin DAC - Part2ism - PEN1 - Slice - Grafter - T.WAT - DON - David Bray - Matt Web - Liliwenn - Snub23 - Leeks - LostMonkey - Carleen de Sozer - 284CRU