In many ways the Chupa Chups lollipop is a bonafide design classic. It was invented in 1958 by Spanish businessman Enric Bernat, and was the first ever sweet to be sold on a stick and the first sweet to be placed in a jar on the counter. Originally it was called ‘GOL’ but later changed to ‘Chupa Chups’, after the Spanish ‘chupar’, meaning ‘to suck’.

Bernat called upon the services of an artist friend of his to create a logo for his product, the wacky surrealist known for his pointy moustache and melting clocks, Salvador Dali. According to lore, one day in 1969 Salvador Dali spent an hour doodling on discarded newspaper and came up with the sweet’s famous daisy logo, creating one of the most enduring pieces of branding ever.

It was Dali who insisted that his design be placed on top of the lolly, rather than on the side, so that it could always be viewed intact. Eye-catching, bold and deceptively simple, the logo has barely changed since Dali created it. So to acquire your very own Salvador Dali design simply pop down to the sweet shop!