We thought we would take a close look at the artist and how he creates his work.

Copyright went to art school but he was studying photography and got into painting by using other students materials.

His style combines graffiti art and more traditional styles, using spay paint, stencils, collage and paintbrushes to create his beautifully detailed and textured originals. He even extends this to his limited editions where the silkscreen prints are often hand finished with spray paints and or acrylic.

Copyright’s early works with female figures often featured Kate Moss, but now he says they are no longer based on one person. He creates the composition and pose he wants using an archive of images of body parts that he has built up, rather than having a singe person model.

He started putting up pink roses, which still feature even now in his work when he moved to London. “The pink roses are a really quick, really simple way to make a shitty wall look nicer. In that way they just symbolise beauty in the darkest places.” Copyright

Copyrights paintings represent ideals from the modern world and culture, portrayed within classic imagery of simple beauty, often depicted by butterflies, flowers and beautiful women. He wants to convey the contradiction of idealism and unattainable visions of beauty found in fashion, music and popular culture.

His work has now made the transition form ephemeral street works to works you can take home and keep on your walls forever. Watch this space for more exciting things to come from Copyright.

All pictures Copyright © C R Thomas 2005-2010. All rights reserved