Renowned artist, Peter Blake, has joined forces with the National Trust to create designs for T shirts and ‘body art’ promoting the Trust at this year’s Glastonbury Festival (23 – 27 June 2010).

Best-known for his design for the Beatles’ ‘Sgt Pepper’ album cover, Peter Blake has created a unique artwork around the theme of the iconic Glastonbury Tor, which is owned by the National Trust. The design shows the 15th century St Michael’s Tower at the summit of the Tor, surrounded by butterflies. Michael Eavis, founder of the Glastonbury Festival, and his daughter Emily have also been incorporated into the design, along with St Michael himself.

Peter Blake said: “The combination of the Tor, the local butterfly and the festival really fired my imagination.”

The design will appear on a series of limited edition T shirts, which will be given away at the National Trust’s Glastonbury Festival stand, Outside Inn, and through the Trust’s social networking sites across the festival duration.

Peter Blake has also created a signed butterfly ‘tattoo’ which will be available as ‘body art’ or as a stamp on programmes or clothing for all festival goers. The butterfly motif was chosen to celebrate the special importance of butterflies to the Glastonbury area, and midsummer as a perfect time to see them.

The National Trust is attending the Glastonbury Festival for the first time this year with its stand, Outside Inn, which will offer the ultimate outdoors experience during the five days. Visitors will have the chance to escape the crowds and thumping bass with a visit to the Trust’s fresh air bar and chill-out zone.