International photographer and artist JR commissioned artrepublic favourite RYCA to create a new piece for his Paris studio. The elegant black and gold work reads ‘CA VA BIEN SE PASSER’, ‘Everything is going to be OK’ and looks beautiful amongst JR’s iconic monochromatic portraits.

This is an impressive commission for RYCA from one of the most high profile photographers working today. According to The Guardian, “JR is a man routinely touted as the hippest street artist since Banksy”. He exhibits across the streets of the world and was awarded the TED prize, worth $100,000, in 2011, previous recipients of which include Bono and Bill Clinton.

It’s great to see RYCA’s work being recognised by such a renowned artist who’s “secret Parisian studio, a spacious former warehouse filled with trendy retro furniture and good-looking assistants” (The Telegraph, 2011) just got even more enviable.