Two prints just released featuring the combined talents of two visually amazing artists. Both of their work is an assault on the senses and both sell very well. This is Dan Baldwin vs. Hush.

The notion of a hybrid release, the collaboration of two artists to create an image is not a new concept, but it hasn’t really occurred before between what is essentially a fine artist (Dan Baldwin) and a street artist (Hush).

Perhaps what is more amazing is that both the artists created these works without even meeting.

Between the two they created four paintings and then they merely swapped them, with one finishing what the other started. In all a great way to create a work of art as it sets about a challenge for the artist to respond to and work with what they’ve got rather than set out after a series of lengthy ‘chats’ exactly what to do.

From the four originals the were the two prints were chosen.

Why these two artists? Basically there works marries extremely well. Both artists have responded to and referenced the crossing of different cultures – Baldwin and South America, Hush and the Far East. Hush's work, for example, if often referenced and described as a sensory assault of shape, colour, and character, but this could easily be said of Baldwin’s with both artists using extreme colour.

Dan’s artwork always has a sinister yet beautiful feel to it and is often centred on vanitas with him frequently tackling subjects such as politics, religion and innocence in his art.

Hush’s style uses Anime combined with pop art along with a generous amount of colour. This is an amazing collaboration with an end result of eye-popping imagery.

With both artist’s newer work there is a graphic symbolism incorporated with plenty of pop elements. With these new prints they throw together opposing elements, creating a poetic, chaotic and conflicting juxtaposition of life and death, east meets west.