So another year in the art world draws ever closer to its end, but instead of looking back at this rather odd year of highs and lows all around the world we look to 2010 and those artists who we believe are going to have a good one.

Mr Brainwash

2009 proved an unstoppable year for Mr Brainwash, bucking all the downward trends by selling his work all over the world in super-quick time to the point where we had list and list of people wanting a piece. Participation in shows all over the world helped boost his ever growing profile, but still the major UK solo show eluded him. 2010 therefore is the year Mr Brainwash will expand his fan base even further with a proposed high profile showcase to open some time next year…watch this space.


Static have been ticking over very nicely indeed this year. As artists their work is really strong creating great images that either make you laugh or make you think. All of their work gets 10/10 every time for sheer quality and production. In addition to this their images are progressively getting stronger and it will only be a matter of time before this art duo springboard into the public eye… a solo show is surely due?


Another artist that has been quietly getting his head down and producing ever increasingly solid work. His recent foray into 3D work has been a monumental success. It’s been received very well indeed with the pinnacle of his 2009 being the fantastic sale result of his ‘Acid Head Smileys’ at Bonhams Vision 21.More is in the pipeline for RYCA in 2010 with potential collaborations with big name artists and more shows…again he is another that could possibly have a solo exhibition around the corner. His collector base is ever growing as more and more are discovering that he has some fantastic and very creative concepts.

Dan Baldwin

Despite having the odd show here and there over the last year, most notably in the U.S. Dan Baldwin is yet to fully rekindle the love the UK art buying massive had with him a couple of years ago. However, the two print runs that have just been released, ‘Evolved’ and ‘Half Way Between the Gates of Hell and the Garden of Eden’ have been a big success. They look incredible and we just think that this could be Baldwin’s wind in his sails. Again not had a big show in the UK for a bit, his painting is back on track and he is shaping up to prove why he deserves to be talked about so highly.

Jo Peel

Jo Peel's work is great. Really refreshing to see the sides of London that are usually ignored for their lack of glamour. Jo however pumps that in through her work, which is amazingly and painstakingly drawn out by hand. Jo is a great example for the reignited vogue for handcrafted and anti-mass produced art. Her print runs are kept small, which means they sell quickly and create a ‘want’ and it is only a matter of time before this terrific talent takes off.