This year the master Austrian painter Gustav Klimt would have celebrated his 150th birthday. The Vienna Tourist Board are keen to take advantage and have helped to stage a live art event during which nine internationally renowned street artists create new works inspired by the Klimt’s iconic art.

The artists taking part are Mode 2, Lucy McLauchlan, Vhils, Ron English, Christian Eisenberger, Bastardilla, Know Hope, and Marlene Hausegger, with pre-made work from Shepard Fairey.

Vienna Tourist spokeswoman Astrid Pockfuss believes that street art and Klimt are linked by “a way of doing art differently. Klimt was reinterpreting himself over a period of time — and street artists are quite the same.”

We are looking forward to seeing some contemporary interpretations of Klimt’s rich and imaginative eroticism.

Image credit: Mode 2 at work on his painting in a public garden in London,