This week we will be remembering the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley, as the 35th anniversary of his death approaches. The iconic figure not only changed the face of music but was the inspiration behind many artistic creations. Since his death in 1977, artists are continuing to create Elvis inspired art.

Artists such as Peter Blake, Andy Warhol, Simon Dixon and Trafford Parsons, pay homage to the King of rock n roll through their individual creations of Elvis themed works. Each with such distinctive styles and execution, Elvis Presley continues to motivate art for so many.

Peter Blake is well known for his admiration of icons and musical heroes, creating some of the most recognised images in popular culture. His limited edition Elvis inspired pieces are highly regarded and ever so popular.

The passing of a cultural icon has had such an impact on the art world leading to many respected Elvis pieces being produced. Elvis Presley’s legacy lives on and the anniversary of his death could see more works being created.