We have two fab new prints Felix and Snowy from the wonderful David Spiller.

As a veteran of the British Pop Art scene, Spiller has lightened up our lives with his loveable cartoon characters and lyrical phrases for many years. Using classic comic book favourites such as Felix the cat and Snowy the dog he has continued to use such images throughout his career. Minnie and Mickey, Popeye and Olive, Donald and Daisy, are familiar subjects that are instantly recognisable by one and all. Working largely on the floor, the characters are stencilled by the artist, then graffitied over with a childlike scribble bringing bold splashes of colour to the pieces. The lyrical phrases are taken form songs he loves, from the likes of Bob Dylan, the Beatles and the lullabies sung to him as a child.

As one of our favourite artists in the gallery Spiller’s prints are always popular. Snowy and Felix are available to buy as a pair or individually.