Dan Baldwin been a feature of artrepublic since his early days as painter who had to trade and borrow paint and materials in order to create new artwork. Now, with the advent of his Los Angeles solo show, we revisit the artist who deserves to be in every collection.

This new show marks what is something of a comeback for Dan Baldwin who has been patiently working away in the shadows this past year. Not only is the work showing a welcome progression forward, but opening himself up to an American audience where they can view his pieces in the flesh could prove invaluable in cementing his credentials as a globally acclaimed artist.

Dan’s artwork always has a sinister yet beautiful feel to it and is often centred on vanitas with him frequently tackling subjects such as politics, religion and innocence in his art.

His new work incorporates a graphic symbolism with pop elements illustrating the fragile line between good versus evil. In throwing together opposing elements, he creates a poetic, chaotic and conflicting juxtaposition of life and death. Another subject very close to his heart.

His use of colour, an element that has always captured us in the past, is largely inspired from the Mexican ‘day of the dead’ death celebrations, ‘El dia de los Muertos’.

The beauty about Baldwin is that his work is so versatile and varied. His canvases contain so much 3-d work that they could be interpreted as hanging sculptures. Even his limited prints always contain those added extras such as silver leaf and varnishes to make them stand out.

Baldwin’s L.A show ‘Disillusion’, which opens on the 10th September running for one month, is sure to provoke a new wave of interest in him here in the UK.