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Cezanne's stolen at gunpoint art possibly recovered

One of the world’s biggest art heists for four years saw the theft of Paul Cezanne’s ‘The Boy in the Red Waistcoat', now Serbian Police believe they have recovered it.

The impressionists painting is said to be worth at least £68m and was stolen at gunpoint from the Emil Georg Bührle gallery in Zurich in 2008. Experts in Serbia and abroad are yet to verify if the painting found is indeed the original.

Other canvasses were stolen from the gallery, one by Claude Monet and the other by Vincent van Gogh, however these were later recovered from an abandoned car. Potentially the Cezanne has now been found however a painting by Edgar Degas is still officially missing.

The paintings were reportedly worth over £100m at the time and the heist was the biggest art theft in Swiss history and one of the largest in the world.

Last October, Serbian police recovered two paintings by Pablo Picasso stolen in 2008 from a gallery in the Swiss town of Pfäffikon, near Zurich.

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