As hope fades rapidly for some proper warm weather this summer we venture down the avenues of art to find those little things that compensate for another year of underused barbeques and days spent on the beach with coats and blankets.

With the entire array of eclectic British tastes to cater for what we’ve selected is a real mixed bag with one thing in common: they will all make you feel better when you look at them.

Sir Peter Blake’s recent addition to the great Sources of Pop series ‘Sources of Pop VII’ is really a must for anyone. It has all the key ingredients to make a dreary day much, much better. It’s a grand piece of Pop Art, which if you are just an appreciator of the style or an avid fan, the sheer simplicity, colour and element of fun makes this perfect. Plus it features a healthy dose of diamond dust and glitter, which under all circumstances never make you feel bad.

Moving in completely the opposite direction from a British Pop Art grand master to, well, two funny men who create the ultimate tongue-in-cheek images. If you like you art with a healthy dose of sarcasm and featuring what can only be described as an overweight shrimp then the hugely successful and popular Modern Toss will hit the spot. We’ve two prints available and we guarantee that when on your wall, try as you might, you will not be able to refrain from smiling.

Next up are four prints titled ‘Season of the Bunnies’ from Kozyndan, the art couple who reside in Santa Monica U.S. Their images are a hybrid mash of traditional Japanese prints and American culture (Kozy is from Japan and Dan is American). The result is unequivocally great fun and with the set of four unframed prints setting you back a mere £88 they are a terrific option if you really are just after something fun for your walls.

Finally is one of the new prints from sought after Spanish artist Lidia De Pedro. ‘Give Me Poison I Wanna Die’ may reflect the feeling of day long torrential rain during the annual two week holiday, but the imagery unashamedly hints at the hotter climes of Spain and is rather beautifully assembled. With lush gold metallic inks and bold colours this is a goodun for when you’re forced to be at home.