Please Love Me is the title to a new, unauthorised, exhibition featuring the reclaimed street artwork of Banksy.

In what is potentially the first exhibition to feature Banksy’s original street works in a white cube gallery space, the event, whilst being a superb spectacle of just how good this man’s work is, has also caused somewhat mixed feelings.

This is largely due to the fact that these works have been removed from public or private property and then repositioned with the potential of them being sold on. The notion is something nearly all street artists abhor and goes against what street art, in its purest form, stands for.

Would Banksy approve? Who knows and who could say, but for the admirer of his work and for those who may not have had the chance to view a genuine example of Banksy’s street work it is a must.

With pieces on display ranging from the last 10 years including metal chunks with ‘Think Tank’ written on it, to half a caravan, numerous Rats, which are Banksy’s signature images, to a huge chunk of wall positioned like a flower press in between a steel structure, all are worth the entrance fee as it costs nothing.

Banksy’s work continues to be in high demand and no doubt always will be. Owning a genuine Banksy, whether it’s a limited edition or an original, is something unlike most other art.

With the man himself having staged the official Banksy show this summer down in his native Bristol the chance to see a Banksy seems to becoming more so, which regardless of official and unofficial can only be a good thing for fans of his work.

Please Love Me is on show at The Flower Cellars, WC2E 7BN and will run until Saturday 25th July. It is open from 10.00am – 8.00pm