20 street artists from across the globe have been commissioned by the band Green Day to produce artwork inspired by tracks from their new album ‘21st Century Breakdown’

artrepublic favourites such as Eelus, Logan Hicks, Adam 5100, Broken Crow, C215 and Ron English were each sent through a lyric sheet and asked to produce a piece of art that reflected that song.

The album art work for Green Day’s ‘21st Century Breakdown’ was created by stencil artist Sixten.

London based Eelus was one of the lucky few to be asked and was given the track ‘Last of The American Girls’. All of the artwork created for the new album will go on tour with band and will be displayed as a mini show in each city that they visit.

We are very lucky at artrepublic to have been able to work closely with many of the artist who have been commissioned to create work for the album and still have many originals and rare or hard to find prints available..

Image credits.

Image 1 - Sixten for Green Day

Image 2 - Eelus for Green Day

Image 3 - Adam 5100 for Green Day

Image 4 - C215 for Green Day