C215 is back in the UK with his first London solo show reminding us all what an incredible talent this young man is.

Christian Guemy (aka C215) has travelled the world brightening up streets with his amazing stencil work and no wall is safe when he is around. His work can now be seen in numerous countries including India, Brazil, Poland, USA, Senegal and Morocco.

‘Each stencil has it own story. Most of my stencils come from my own pictures, but some also come from friends, or photographers with whom I collaborate. The most important thing for me is the feeling inside, the expression of the eyes, and the story behind.’ Christian Guemy.

C215’s work has always featured street people very heavily and this new show is no exception. His new show entitled Shoe Shiners has been heavilly influence by the many shoe-shiners that he has met during his trips around the world and the way that they are treated.

‘When they get a customer, the working dynamic turns into a humiliating symbol - one bending before the other, polishing his shoes, while the superior one gets annoyed or bored, looking around’ Christian Guemy