Legendary street artist Shepard Fairey is to be immortalised in the iconic television series The Simpsons.

The episode due to air on March 4th 2012 titled Exit through the Kwik-E-Mart will follow Bart Simpson as he pastes his hometown of Springfield with unflattering images of Homer.

Bart’s adventure takes an interesting twist when he and his trusty sidekick Milhouse get caught red handed by street art legend Shepard Fairey and fellow artist Ron English, Kenny Scharf and Robbie Conal. To Bart’s surprise Shepard invites him to exhibit his work in his very own gallery show. Meanwhile, a new health food store opens in Springfield that threatens to put the Kwik-E-Mart out of business.

Asked about The Simpsons Shepard had the following to say. Part of being on ‘The Simpsons,’ is you’re being honoured as a reference point in culture,” Fairey says. “But you also can’t be too sensitive about that part of culture being made fun of…There’s irony that comes with something outsider becoming insider. And they do a great job of examining that.

I’ve always loved the Simpsons blend of humour and social commentary, so it is a huge honour for me to appear as a guest character on the March 4th episode. I can’t wait to see it!