All the snow in the UK over the weekend got us thinking about artists who have painted snow scenes.

The impressionists known for their love of outdoor painting also painted in the snow. It was a great medium in which to explore the effects of light and colour. Even though we think of snow as white when you look closely at it you can see it reflects all the colours and light around it. Examples include Petite place au bord de l'eau by Henri Le Sidaner, Village Breton Sous La Neige by Paul Gauguin, Lady in Pink by Childe Hassam.

Edward Bawden’s Snowstorm at Brighton tackled the subject of snow in a different way. In the original lino cut he used extensive over-printing of a lighter colour the darker first print to create the impression of snow falling. The buildings at the end of the pier are only just visible through the sheets of snow falling and the only colour is the fishermen right in the foreground of the print.

To bring us right up to date you have Kozyndan’s Gray Hares (Winter Bunnies). It was the last in their 'Seasons of the Bunny' series of prints. It is taken from Hiroshige's 'Evening Snow Kanbara', but in their version the folds of snow form the shapes of white winter hares.