Master graffiti artist Ben Eine is currently taking on a challenge that would be beyond most normal printers as he tries to break the world record for the most silk screened colours pulled by hand over an edition of 150 prints.

Bens has set his sights on producing his massively popular Alphabet series print with his shutter font which will consist of 77 individually pulled colours creating what will be the most complex print in that edition size ever.

Many of you who visit East London on a regular basis will be familiar with the giant letters and words that adorn the walls and shop shutters of many businesses, what you may not be quite so familiar with is that all this work is created by one of the hardest working and most prolific street artist working today called Ben Eine.


Ben Eine is not just a master graffiti artist he is also the man behind the printing of some of the most iconic works to come out of the Pictures on Walls gallery over the last five years. Bens screen printing skills have helped produce some of street arts most sort after prints from arguably the greatest street artist on the planet including Banksy, Faile and his own work.

Ben’s screen printing skills along with a growing popularity for his work has seen him produce many of his own sell out prints over the years featuring the fonts that he has used on the streets.