Author: Imogen Aldridge

12 Kitchen Art Ideas to Suit any Home

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home’ before. And it’s true. It’s where we cook meals and socialise most with the people we live with, be it family or housemates. But as a space in your home, the kitchen is often overlooked as a place to express your style - especially compared to living rooms and bedrooms. We at Art Republic aren’t sure why that’s the case, as the kitchen is where we all spend a large proportion of our time at home.

When it comes to choosing art for your kitchen and picking a place to display it, there are two rules. Try to avoid canvases and make sure that any art has a frame - grease and cooking oil carried in the air can play havoc with art. Also, if you love it, don’t hang it above the hob or the sink. Even if it’s framed, heat and moisture can still cause damage. 

If you keep to those, the kitchen is the perfect place to display artwork. That’s why we’ve compiled 12 kitchen artworks by a selection of artists we love, both legendary creatives and up-and-coming talent. Whether you’re looking for a standout piece that makes your kitchen pop, or a full collection that flows throughout your home, keep scrolling to find the perfect kitchen art to add a splash of character to your kitchen: 


Richard Levine - Peppe Gallia

Richard Levine - La Mela

You can’t go far wrong by hanging food-themed artwork on your kitchen walls, and these screenprints by Hove based artist Richard Levine are as vibrant as they get. Levine’s two-tone imagining of a pepper and apple uses bold colours and clever linework to really bring out the three dimensions of each piece.  We think Peppe Gallia and La Mela would look great in any modern kitchen, either next to each other or on separate walls.


Emilie de Black – Lemon Blossom 3

This series by pop surrealism artist Emilie de Black tells a story over three pieces, Lemon Blossom 1, Lemon Blossom 2 and Lemon Blossom 3, depicting beautiful flowers and fruit slowly blossoming from the inside of a lemon over the course of three illustrations. The use of bright yellow would make for a brilliant contrast with kitchen walls and will certainly turn heads whenever you have guests visiting. 


Horace Panter – Japanese Vending Machine No. 4

Full disclosure: we couldn’t decide between the individual pieces in Horace Panter’s Japanese Vending Machine collection – they’re all packed with detail and charm with a subject matter that’s guaranteed to make you smile whenever you glance at them on your kitchen wall. So, why not pick your own favourite from Horace Panter’s collection at Art Republic?

Fun fact, as well as being a fantastic artist and taking clear influence from the Pop Art movement of the 60s, Horace Panter is also the bass player in legendary ska band The Specials.



Richard Heeps – Ices, Bexhill-on-Sea

Who doesn’t love a stroll along the seaside, ice-cream cone in hand? That’s exactly the mental image that photographer Richard Heeps evokes with his 2020 piece, Ices. Photographed at Bexhill-on-sea, we love the combination of bold typography, and the contrast of the suspended ice cream cone against the rich, blue background. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth and a kitchen painted in lighter tones.


Bill Butcher – Hennessey Gold Cup

Bill Butcher – St Andrews the 17th

Whether you’re a cognac drinker, whiskey connoisseur, sports fan, or all the above, these illustrations from renowned artist Bill Butcher will make your kitchen the perfect place to enjoy an evening tipple. Butcher has worked on illustrations on major publications from The Wall Street Journal to The Guardian, but these two pieces that pay tribute to the Hennessey Gold Cup and the famously tricky 17th hole of St. Andrews golf course are up there with his best work.



Carl Moore – Ice Cream Sprinkles


Carl Moore – Ice Cream Meltdown

London-based artist Carl Moore has a diverse body of work that focuses on subjects from animals to food, but it's his work with ice cream we think will look most at home in your kitchen. We love the surrealism of Ice Cream Sprinkles, with the cone dripping down the composition instead of the ice cream itself. Paired with Ice Cream Meltdown, depicting an exploding ice cream with scattered sprinkles, you’ve got an eye-catching, bold and amusing duo for your kitchen.  


Andy Warhol - Campbell’s Soup Can, 1965 (green and red)

This piece by pioneering pop artist Andy Warhol needs no introduction. One of the defining artworks of the Pop movement, Warhol’s work with famous household brands and products sought to elevate the everyday to ‘high art’. We’re big fans of the use of colour in this particular version of the iconic Campbell’s Soup Can, and it’s versatile enough to suit both modern and traditional kitchen interiors - win win.



Chris Kettle – Festoon 8

Looking for kitchen art that uses a dark background to bring out the bright colours and vibrancy of the subject? Few do it better than still life painter Chris Kettle. In his own words, “The paintings inhabit a mysterious world of their own with objects arranged on canvases that are charged with light and drama to somehow channel emotion and universal feelings.”

Festoon 8 depicts a beautiful arrangement of produce that looks strikingly similar to a hanging flower basket at a distance. Another great piece that would look perfectly at home on a light-coloured kitchen wall, especially when matched with other prints in Chris Kettle’s collection.



Horace Panter – Eat

Panter’s extensive Americana collection contains many pieces that could add character to a kitchen, from hamburgers and hot dog stands to ice machines and ramen bars. However, Eat is one of our favourites. This boarded-up out-of-town eatery may look deserted, but we love the brightly coloured trees that stand in front of the building, and the bold ‘EAT’ lettering has a homely quality that’ll make any dinner guest feel more than welcome. 


When you see Coca-Cola and Pepsi next to each other on the supermarket shelf, which one do you choose? If the answer is ‘always Coke’, then Defence of the Inanimate – Pepsi Can by Antony ‘H’ Haylock may be the perfect piece to upgrade your kitchen décor. As well as being a fantastically detailed painting of a can of Pepsi (that reflection of light at the top of the can is as realistic as it gets), the ironic statement that replaces the ‘Pepsi’ name makes us smile each time we see it. 



Gil Carvalho – Strawberry

It’s clear to see from this piece by Portuguese artist Gil Carvalho that he takes clear inspiration from the worlds of pop art and fashion, mixing hand drawing and photographic skill to capture this ‘unconventional’ looking strawberry. Metallic aqua blue is the prevailing colour in Strawberry and makes the picture really pop, while the black background means this one is best suited to lighter walls to really stand out. 


Gavin Dobson – Strawberry Split

Yes, we’re back to ice cream again. However, Strawberry Split by Gavin Dobson is worlds apart from Carl Moore’s Ice Cream collection, both in style and technique. At first glance, Strawberry Split looks slightly abstract, but the run of light yellow is certainly reminiscent of an ice cream melting at the peak of the warm season. Bright colours, summery vibes – a great combination for any kitchen.

Feeling inspired? Don’t forget, you’ll find plenty of kitchen art by both up-and-coming talent and iconic artists that’ll add effortless style to your home, right here at Art Republic. And if you’re already set on a specific colour you want in your kitchen, browse our collection of artwork by colour.

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