A fabulous glow-in-the-dark edition. Kate Moss We are very excited about the release of anonymous artist VeeBee’s latest Kate Moss inspired edition this week. VeeBee is an artist whose true identity has been kept hidden, despite becoming one of the most popular artists at artrepublic. VeeBee has chosen to remain the shadows to enable their work to be viewed as a separate entity from them as a person.
Kate Moss 'Kate Moss - Glow' Silkscreen Print, 70x70cm from a limited edition of 50 and priced at £285!
‘I want you to have my work on your wall, not based on who I am, where I have studied or where I have exhibited my work. I don’t want to get between “You” and the artwork.’ - VeeBee ‘Kate Moss – Glow’ is a classic pop art image of the world’s most notorious supermodel. Over the years Moss has played muse to a huge number of acclaimed artists, with her striking looks and glamorous aura informing works by Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, Mr. Brainwash, Banksy, Lucian Freud and more. VeeBee VeeBee has used special glow in the dark ink on the print, creating an alluring luminosity. We’re expecting the print to be very well received amongst art fans and collectors, so be sure to call the gallery to get your hands on one. Kate Moss VeeBee’s work often explores celebrity culture with hugely popular editions depicting stars including Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson, Jackie O’ and Audrey Hepburn. ‘Kate Moss – Glow’ will be released on Tuesday 5th September online and in our Brighton Gallery. For further information of to purchase VeeBee's latest print please call our Brighton Gallery on 01273 724829 or email brighton@artrepublic.com
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