In aid of Damien Hirst’s upcoming retrospective at Tate Modern, next week channel 4 appear to be devoting the airwaves in celebration.

Damien Hirst: Thoughts, Work, Life, and Damien Hirst: The First Look will be airing on Monday whilst for one week only will run a virtual private view of his Tate Modern exhibition.

Thoughts, Work, Life is an intimate and revealing film which maps out the making of the famous British artist and features a new interview.

The First Look, which airs on the eve of Damien Hirst’s first major retrospective in the UK, will see Damien take surrealist comedian Noel Fielding on an exclusive walk through his show at the Tate Modern.

The programme includes interviews with an impressive array of influential art-world celebrities and artists such as Joan Collins, Bono, Sarah Kent, Mat Collishaw, Sir John Hegarty, Ronnie Wood, Keith and Lily Allen, Ronnie O'Sullivan and even Hirst's high-school art teacher.

The Tate exhibition brings together over 70 of Hirst's seminal works, including his groundbreaking sculptures from the early 1990s and pieces from the painting series - spots, spins, butterflies and flies - produced throughout his career.

There are also two major installations: In and Out of Love (1991) and Pharmacy (1992).

If you don’t manage to make it to Tate Modern this April then channel 4 will provide you with an impressive insight to a hugely anticipated show.