An exquisite nostalgic series from the Godfather of Pop Art. Peter Blake Newly enforced UK laws have recently changed all cigarette and tobacco packaging to a new nondescript design, in a bid to curb the harmful habit. As a result of this, we couldn’t help but think of the artistic merit that can be found in Sir Peter Blake’s wonderfully nostalgic 'found art' series, that explores vintage cigarette packets.
Laurens 'Laurens'
Peter Blake Cigarette Packets Currently - Available online or at our Brighton gallery.
Peter Blake Red Band
In the large scale editions, Blake has taken his fascination and obsession with found objects and ephemera to an entirely new level by blowing up 1950s era cigarette packets. He has enlarged the size, exposing the overlooked cracks, blemishes and details of the packet allowing the viewer to interpret the object as a piece of art.
Winston Winstons
Blake explains, “I mean in a way it’s the audacity in a Duchampian sense of just saying ‘this image is nice enough to make a print from’ so I’m stealing and appropriating all the time. The cigarette packets come out of that series, but there’s no end to it. I mean there are literally millions of things that if you scan them and make them 50 times bigger, they’re beautiful because of the technology.” “You are touching the object, so the scanner is seeing things that the human eye can’t see. The bigger you take it, the clearer it becomes. So something like a flag, each thread appears, and then on each thread, threads appears from that, so it’s almost infinity.” - Sir Peter Blake
Nazionali Nazionali
To create each of the impressive prints Blake had to look no further than his studio, sifting through his collection of vintage cigarette packets collected over the years, then flattening them out on the floor.
philip morris Phillip Morris
The simple, elegant and retro designs were then scanned using very high-resolution methods that allow all of the imperfections to be retained. Printed by the master practitioners at Coriander Print Studio and hand embellished with silver foil blocking for added visual allure, these wonderful editions see now obsolete brands like ‘Nazionali', 'Laurens’ and ‘Phillip Morris’ rendered as exquisite and collectable fine art print.
Picture Show Picture Show - also part of Blake's 'Found Art' Series
We’re very pleased to be able to offer several of Peter Blake cigarette packets through our Brighton Gallery. Each of these prints is rare and highly sought after, so to add a piece of nostalgic magic to your collection don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01273 724829!