Another heartfelt edition from one of our most popular artists. David Spiller David Spiller is one of the key figures of the British Pop Art scene and for the past 40 years, he has been creating canvases and prints that exude emotion, nostalgia and play testament to his profound love of words.
David Spiller - LOVE ‘Love’ by David Spiller is an amazing 24 colour silkscreen limited edition on Somerset Satin 400gsm 100% cotton rag paper by highly collected artist David Spiller.
Spiller’s editions see the incorporation of a variety of familiar icons and lyrics from pop culture with Disney characters, Coldplay song titles and childlike drawings all adding to the overall charm and honesty of his art. For further information or to purchase David Spiller's beautiful new edition please call our Brighton Gallery on 01273 724829 or email David Spiller - LOVE "I really want to make paintings that put some magic on the wall. Some of them are straightforward things. Some are wild things. But underneath, it says I love you". - David Spiller In this latest edition ‘LOVE’ Spiller has depicted Minnie Mouse surrounded by loving affirmations and quotes including ‘never let me go’, ‘sweet dreams’ and ‘trust in your heart’.
In My Heart David Spiller - 'In My Heart'
David Spiller’s editions are known to quickly sell out and never hang around our gallery for very long. This amazing 24 colour silkscreen is a triumph in advance printing techniques and is a true collector item; make it perfect gift for a loved one. ‘One of the things I do love about cartoons though is that kids get it straight away. They don’t say it’s Pop Art. They say it’s Mickey Mouse. What I am saying really is judge it from your feelings, not from what you think about art and all of that, just be young about it.’
David Spiller David Spiller working in his South London studio
Alongside ‘LOVE’ we have a number of other editions by David Spiller in our Brighton Gallery, so be sure to visit and ask to see this sumptuous edition in the flesh! For more news stories and events visit our Brighton Gallery page.