Noel Fielding discusses the new Hirst retrospective with the man himself

Damien Hirst takes surrealist comedian, fellow artistic maverick and good friend of artrepublic, Noel Fielding on an exclusive walk through his show at Tate Modern, providing a behind-the-scenes look at this landmark exhibition.

The film combines Damien and Noel's walk through the exhibition with behind-the-scenes footage showing the process of installing the exhibition, from wrangling butterflies to immersing a shark in formaldehyde.

The programme also includes interviews with an eclectic line-up of art-world heavies, celebrities and artists, including Joan Collins, Bono, Sarah Kent, Mat Collishaw, Sir John Hegarty, Ronnie Wood, Keith and Lily Allen, Ronnie O'Sullivan and even Hirst's high-school art teacher, Dave Wood, who taught him during his A-Level Art... for which Hirst got an 'E'!

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