Noah Taylor: People Are Strange

Our sister gallery, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, have just announced the subject of their next gallery show, the art of Australian artist and actor, Noah Taylor. The exhibition, 'Noah Taylor: People are Strange', will feature up to 30 of his quirky, haunting and starkly-rich ink drawings. We’re very excited about this one...

Noah Taylor is a familiar face, he has worked in the world of showbiz most of his adult life. He is best known for his acting roles in films such as ‘Vanilla Sky’, ‘Shine’ and ‘Submarine’, but he has been making music and painting since his teens. He had his first solo show last year in his native Australia. It was a sell out. ‘People are Strange’ will be Taylor’s UK debut.

'Esquire' magazine has hailed 2014 as “the year where art outshines his acting” and the upcoming show is already featuring on Artlyst and Red Seven Leisure. What can we expect of the art? Well, Noah describes himself as a “non committed Catholic neo-situationist”, if that’s any help! Certainly prepare yourself for the wonderfully peculiar because the ‘people are strange’ and the landscapes are curious...

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