One of the largest prints we’ve ever had is currently available. Harland Miller We are thrilled to currently have in our Brighton Gallery the monumental print ‘Happiness: The Case Against’ by one of the most sought after artists of the moment, Harland Miller. 'Happiness: The Case Against' was released earlier this year with the entire edition immediately selling out. It is part of a body of work by the artist exhibited at his 2016 solo show ‘Tonight We Make History (P.S. I Can’t Be There)’, which took place in Berlin to much critical acclaimed. Harland Miller This is one of the largest editions we’ve ever had in the gallery and demands to be seen in the flesh to be truly appreciated. Harland Miller We only have one of these rare prints available, please call our Brighton Gallery on 01273 724829 or email “One of my favourite artists is Rothko. If you look at a lot of Rothko, when he got into the maroon phase he was dealing with a lot of oranges and this redness of orange. There is a Rothko which is essentially a Penguin book . . . the same format – the orange-white-orange – just without the graphic furniture.” Harland Miller explaining the influence of Rothko in his work. Harland Miller has carved out a hugely popular niche in the art world by creating jovial and humorous reinterpretations of Penguin book covers. By experimenting with scale and often enlarging book covers to enormous proportions Miller challenges the viewer to reinterpret the familiar media, incorporating his own imagined titles and adding geometric elements as seen in ‘Happiness'. Harland Miller This print takes inspiration from popular psychology books of the 60’s and 70’s, a subject Miller has further explored in his recent show at London’s White Cube gallery, ‘One Bar Electric Memoir’. “There are lots of aspects to the Penguin classic that inspire me visually. I love it as a colour field.” – Harland Miller ‘Happiness: The Case Against’ is a triumph of printmaking and has been produced using a variety of print techniques with polymer-gravure, photo-etching and block printing all being applied to build up a painterly, and layered surface texture. We only have one of these rare prints available. To purchase or for further information please call our Brighton Gallery on 01273 724829 or email For more news stories and events visit our Brighton Gallery page.