Peter Blake revisits iconic imagery with his newly commissioned 'James Dean at the Albert Hall'. Butterflies appear to jump out of the picture plane, mimicking flight and movement. A young James Dean smoulders in the foreground with the Royal Albert Hall behind him, enveloped in a swarm of butterflies; and of course, where there’s butterflies, there’s the Butterfly Man. The perspectival depth is amazing, you literally want to reach out to put your hand through it!

As more and more artists are exploring the new medium of lenticular prints they are able to produce works using more than just a two-dimensional surface. The illusion of perspective and depth creates another level on which to view a piece, one in which the viewer is a more active participant, only getting the full effect by moving around the work.

If you are interested in any available Peter Blake prints then please call us at the Brighton Gallery on +44 (0)1273 724829