Mr Brainwash’s first UK solo show opened last Thursday in London at the Opera Gallery.

He was propelled to fame in the Oscar nominated film “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, where he bizarrely becomes the subject of the film as Banksy turns the camera onto him as the subject.

The film showed how he started to produce work on an epic scale after following and filming the work of established graffiti artists such as Space Invader, Banksy and Sheperd Fairey.

Mr Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta moved from his home in France to LA to persue his new career in the art world. With no formal training, his work is almost a montage of all his influences taking elements from his heroes such as Warhol and reassembling them Brainwash style with vibrant spray-painting and stencil work.

He is a controversial artist: However you feel, his show is definitely worth a look.