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Elizabeth Price

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Last night Elizabeth Price, former 1980s pop musician, was awarded the Turner Prize for her ambitious video trilogy. She is the first video artist to win for over a decade. London-based Price, 45, who only began this type of immersive video work about four years ago, said “I’m interested in the medium of video as something you experience sensually as well as something you might recognise.”

The video ‘The Woolworths Choir of 1979’ had been described as a “tour de force” in the build-up to the ceremony and Tate Britain director Penelope Curtis said the jury “admired the seductive and immersive qualities”. Price beat the bookie’s favourite Paul Noble, whose intricate drawings of a fictional town called Nobson Newton, spanned 16 years of his career.

Price was presented with the £25,000 prize by Jude Law at a champagne reception at Tate Britain. The award return to its home in London, after a trip to the Baltic last year, and it was attended by a record crowd – almost 150,000. Next year, it travels again to Northern Ireland to mark Derry’s year as UK City of Culture.