Firstsite in Colchester, give you the chance to look into the world of the internationally recognised Scottish artist Bruce McLean. The exhibition presents a major survey of the work of Bruce McLean featuring work from 1965 to the present including sculpture, painting, photography, drawings, ceramics and film, and is presented across seven galleries occupying 855 square meters.

His work varies from vivid ceramics, coloured steel sculptures and humorous pictures and paintings that have caught recognition to become one of the major figures of contemporary British Art. McLean was born in 1944 and studied at Glasgow school of art and St.Martin’s in London, where he was taught by Anthony Caro. He found the attitude there ponderous: “Twelve adult men with pipes would walk for hours around sculptures and mumble.” In reaction her turned to making sculptures out of rubbish, to performance art and to producing photographic works in which he would often pose. His work mocked paintings and prints in which humour remains central.

Not only does the Firstsite exhibition show case some of his earlier works but it will also present a number of recent paintings alongside significant works from the 1980s and 90s. A selection of films will be shown in timed screenings in the auditorium.

The exhibition dates are Saturday the 14th June - 30th November 2014.